Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek

6 temp.zones, 200 bottles, A (freest.)
Liebherr WTr 4211 VinothekLiebherr WTr 4211

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Reseller Retail Price (incl. VAT)£1,299.00
No. of temperature zones:
Maximum no. of bottles:
Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek
Liebherr WKr 200 Vinothek
Liebherr WTr 4211
Liebherr WKr 200 Vinothek
Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek
Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek

Your Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek Vinidor is guaranteed to be the lowest price in the UK. The price includes installation, a digital hydrometer,vibration reduction blocks and a filter replacement notification. The WTr 4211 has a black metal cabinet with a full door, bordeaux red. It has a storage capacity of 200 bottles comprised of 6 temperature zones. Of it's type the WTr 4211 is the most energy efficient with an A energy rating.

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Product information

Product information 


  • Max. No. Of Bordeaux bottles 0,75 l: 200
  • Total gross / net capacity: 409 / 377 l
  • Energy efficiency class: A
  • Energy consumption year / 24 hrs: 167 / 0.457 kWh
  • Noise out: 40 dB(A)
  • Climate rating: SN-ST
  • Voltage / Connection rate: 220-240V / 1.0 A
  • Door: Full door, burgundy
  • Side walls: Black

Wine storage compartment

  • Temperature zones / -range: 1 / +5°C tot +18°C
  • Adjustable cooling circuits: 1
  • Type of control / display: MagicEye / external digital
  • Forced air system: Yes
  • Fresh air supply via FreshAir activ. Charcoal filter / no.: Yes / 1
  • Humidity control via: Lava stone
  • Interior light: No
  • Permanently activated / dimmable: No / No
  • Shelf material: Beech wooden shelf
  • Storage shelves: 6
  • Fault: warning signal: Visual and audible
  • Door open: warning signal: Audible


  • Exterior dimensions: Height 165 cm, Width 60 cm and Depth 73.9 cm
  • Depth with the door open at a 90 degree angel is 129.8 cm
  • Width with the door open at a 90 degree angel is 64.8 cm


  • Design: HardLine
  • Slimline door handle: SlimLine door handle black
  • Door hinges: right, reversible
  • Replaceable door seal: YesLiebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek wine storing overview

Low price Warranty

How can Cavepromotor offer the lowest price in the UK?

At Cavepromotor we can provide the lowest price for your Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek because:

  • We only sell Liebherr wine fridges
  • We have an optimized stock
  • We have an efficiënt and environmentally friendly logistc system
  • We are easy to locate on the internet
  • We don't pay for advertisement
  • We don't pay for price comparison sites

How to store and serve wine

Storing and serving

To store and serve wine in the optimum conditions you have to be aware of the following:

  • Humidity (Digital hydrometer)
  • Avoid vibrations (Vibration Reduction Blocks)
  • Replacement of the Active Carbonfilter (Filter Alert Service)

Digital hydrometer for your Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek

Digital hygrometer

When you buy your Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek from Cavepromotor you will receive a free digital hydrometer. This helps you to monitor the level of humidity within the cabinet. If it drops too low you can switch on a fan to raise the level. Our wine cabinet specialists are always available to offer advice free of charge.

Vibration Reduction Blocks

Environmental vibration can have a negative effect on the ripening of your wines. This will be reduced by at least 95%. When you buy the Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek from Cavepromoter as you will be supplied with 4 reduction blocks.

Filter Alert ServiceLiebherr WTr 4211 Vibration Reduction Blocks

Every year you will be sent a reminder that it is time to replace the active carbon filter.

Free delivery & installation

Delivery & Installation

The Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek package dimensions are:

  • Height: 170.6 cm
  • Width: 61.5 cm
  • Depth: 82.9 cm

Please advise us prior to your Liebherr WTr 4211 Vinothek delivery, should there be an issue at the entrance to your home with these stated dimensions.

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  Digital Hydrometer

  Vibration Reduction Blocks

  Filter alert service

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