Liebherr 7433243, 7440699 and 7434557 are the 3 types of carbon filters supplied by Cavepromotor in the UK. Once a year we will contact you by either email or phone at no cost to remind you that a replacement is required. Liebherr recommend the filters are replaced on a yearly basis. The carbon filters remove odours & contaminants from inside the cabinet which could spoil the taste of your wine. Depending on which model you have it may require either 1, 2 or 3 filters. Cavepromotor customers are automatically added to our filter replacement service & once the order is confirmed and paid they will be shipped to your home address.


Liebherr FreshAir Active Carbon filter 7433243 7440699 7434557Pictured above are the 3 different types of fresh air activated charcoal filters with their part number. If you are unsure as to which filter you require please advise your wine cabinet model and we can supply the correct filter.

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