Liebherr wine cabinet, wine fridge or wine cooler

Your Liebherr wine cabinet or Liebherr wine fridge either single or multi temperature freestanding or integrated are supplied at the best prices from Cavepromotor in the UK. Before or after you purchase a Liebherr wine cabinet we can offer specialist advice as our history and background is in the wine industry. When you purchase a Liebherr wine cabinet or fridge and with your approval you will automatically be added to our fresh air carbon filter replacement service. We will also supply a digital hydrometer. This will help you monitor the humidity inside the Liebherr wine cabinet or wine fridge and if you wish this to increase you can switch the fan on or add lava stones. This will prevent the corks from shrinking causing the wine to be ruined. If you buy a freestanding Liebherr wine cabinet or wine fridge we will also supply a set of Vibration Reduction Blocks. These help in the prevention of any external or environmental movement which can disturb the wine. At Cavepromotor our aim is to make the most complete & total quotation at the lowest price in the UK. If you have seen in the UK a better price including our benefits please let us know and we will offer a better price for the full package.


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