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Your Liebherr wine fridge, Liebherr wine cooler or Liebherr wine cabinet either single wine cabinet or multi temperature wine cabinet freestanding or integrated are supplied at the best prices from Cavepromotor in the UK. A Liebherr wine fridge price includes home delivery, a digital hydrometer, Filter Alert Service and for the freestanding wine fridges also installation and Vibration Reduction Blocks.

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Our roots

Our history with Liebherr wine fridges

Specialising in the Liebherr range of wine cabinets and wine fridges was an inspired choice for us at Cavepromotor. After many years of selling exclusive wines from Wijnpromotor we wanted to investigate further the storage methods people used for such expensive wine. In our research we not only looked at the quality of the cabinets, prices, delivery & after sales care but also the knowledge within the industry.

In the world of wine there is often lot of misunderstanding and misinformation and it was for this reason that Cavepromotor was created. We found suppliers very keen to sell wine cabinets but when questions arose regarding correct storage conditions and serving temperatures the background knowledge required to answer about wine was not always prevalent. The correct humidity level inside a cabinet is vitally important in the storage of wine and this fact can often be ignored leading to wines being spoiled.


Our passion

As well as answering questions before a purchase is made we are more than happy to talk to customers and give advice or answer questions with any queries that may arise once the cabinet is in use. Over the years we have had questions regarding temperatures, storage and humidity and we are always pleased to help out with free advice as wine really is our passion.

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